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Organic Marula Oil Benefits for Skin: What Are They?

Marula Oil Benefits

As science takes a look at the ancient natural ingredients used once upon a time, new information sheds light upon their effectiveness. That’s the case with marula oil which hails from the marula fruit tree which is native to southern Africa. Once rare and sacred for fertility and happy marriage, it is now cultivated which means this spectacular skincare ingredient is more readily available.

But what has science found out about organic marula oil? This rich and lovely-smelling oil is ideal for skincare. There are a number of benefits that it can lend to skin, making it something you may want to seek out for your own beauty routine.

- Impeccable nourishment for skin
Organic marula oil treats skin to amino acids that include glutamic acid and L-arginine, each known for providing ample hydration and fighting the signs of aging. Oleic, palmitic, stearic, and myristic acids are a collection of emollient and moisturizing fatty acids, while antioxidants that include vitamins C and E are excellent for fighting free radicals and protecting from future damages caused by UV rays and pollution.

- Outstanding anti-aging properties
Another thing marula oil does quite well is replenish moisture to parched skin, common with aging skin types. It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly without feeling greasy, delivering those essential nutrients to where skin needs them most. As such, this helps smooth away lines and wrinkles, giving skin a softer quality while leaving it refreshed with hydration that lasts.

- Leaves skin looking clearer and healthier
Oil might seem like the last thing you should put on your skin when you have acne, however, the breakout cycle can only be busted when you address the root problems. Often when treating acne, the ingredients can be harsh and drying. This causes skin to flake and when it does, it gets lodged into pores along with excess sebum (the natural oil your skin produces to keep it supple), dirt, bacteria, and debris.

With organic marula oil, it’s a non-greasy oil with antimicrobial properties. This means it may help eradicate the bacteria that causes acne while also giving skin the hydration it needs to have healthy cell turnover for more beautiful and clear skin.

- Soothing and comforting feeling
Whether skin is irritated from breakouts or dryness (or both!) organic marula oil is a calming ingredient that leaves skin feeling better. While no evidence exists for how it fares with other skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, because it can soothe acne and dryness, it may be helpful in relieving skin irritation.

- Use it for added moisture
You don’t need to have visible signs of aging, acne, or irritation to get all the benefits of marula oil. Just choose organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed to make sure you’re getting the best there is. It leaves all skin types feeling super soft, plumped, and absolutely radiant.

Plus, with organic marula oil, you can simply use it as-is or add a little to your favorite cream to make it even better. This miracle ingredient from South Africa is a beauty secret every woman should steal for healthy, beautiful, and nourished skin.

African Black Soap: What is it and What are the Benefits?

African Black Soap

African black soap has become a skin care favorite for a good reason. It is a one size fits all natural approach to healthy skin. It is reported to treat acne, moisturize skin, even skin tone, and soothe irritation.

And unlike traditional synthetic soaps, African black soap is handcrafted using all-natural ingredients free from additives.

Want to know more? Read on to learn what African black soap is, its benefits and how to use it.

What Is African Black Soap?
African black soap, also known as African soap or black soap, is an all-natural multi-purpose cleanser, traditionally handmade using plant-based ingredients. It’s free from dye, synthetic fragrance, and has a mild, clean scent with a smooth texture.

Raw Authentic African black soap is made in Ghana, West Africa from plantain skin ash, cocoa pod powder, palm oil, and water. Some additional ingredients include shea butter and cocoa butter for extra hydration.

Benefits Of African Black Soap
African black soap has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which helps to reduce inflammation and skin irritations. A related study reported that African black soap is a better option than commercially-made soaps because it showed greater results in healing dry skin, rashes, acne, psoriasis, eczema and razor bumps.

Heals Acne
Users reported that African black soap helped clear their acne within a matter of weeks. It was also noted that it improved their skin texture and tone. The oils and butter in African black soap will remove impurities on the skin, taking away the deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells leaving the skin clearer, fresher and smoother.

Fades Uneven Dark Spots
Since African Black soap is rich in active ingredients like Vitamin E, A, plantain and shea butter, these powerful antioxidants and nutrients help lighten dark spots and protects skin from harmful UV rays that may cause skin discoloration.

Moisturizes Skin
African black soap is also known to hydrate the skin and balance oil production to prevent dryness and leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and healthy.

Safe For Most Types
Another great thing about African black soap is that it's beneficial for just about any skin type – sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, combination skin, and oily skin.

How To Use African Black Soap?
Here’s how to properly use African black soap:
1. Wet your face and work the soap into a lather in your hands.
2. Apply the lather into your skin in a circular motion.
3. Rinse thoroughly using warm water and follow up with a toner and moisturizer.

Why Choose African Black Soap?
African black soap is a vitamin-rich cleanser containing antioxidants and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can heal skin concerns and improve overall skin health. If you want an all-natural, cruelty-free, and nutrient-rich cleanser, African black soap is a must-try.

Will you give African black soap a go? Please share your thoughts and how it worked for you.

What is Clean Beauty and Does it Really Matter?

Clean Beauty

Do you know what’s really in the cleanser you use every morning? How about that nighttime moisturizer that soaks into your skin as you dream? If you don’t, there’s a chance your beauty routine isn’t so clean.

But what does that even mean anyway? Clean beauty is beauty, simplified. That basically means that the ingredients listed on the label can be safely used without posing a risk to your health. It doesn’t have to mean that it is all from nature, organic, or even green to apply because there are plenty of brands that fall into those categories that aren’t clean.

And speaking of labels, they should be transparent. You should be able to spot harmful ingredients listed there and steer clear so you can choose a truly clean beauty product. Why does it matter? When you pick up one of your beauty products and see “fragrance,” you’re not getting the full story. Instead, this umbrella term is hiding ingredients that could be harmful. Greenwashing is another problem where buzzwords like “eco” or “natural” are used in a clever marketing attempt to make you feel like you’re choosing a clean beauty product when you’re really just slathering more harmful toxins onto your skin.

How to Clean Up Your Beauty Routine
Shocking, yes, but the industry has little loopholes that let all kinds of products get on the shelves. But now that you know, you can do something about it. You may find man-made ingredients in clean beauty but as long as they’re safe and non-toxic, they are still clean. Awareness is the key thing missing from your routine, so learning to spot those bad ingredients will always help you choose the cleanest products for your beauty regimen.

Ingredients to avoid are parabens, fragrance, chemical UV protection like octinoxate and oxybenzone, DEA, SLS, phthalates, triclosan, formaldehyde, polyethylene (PEGs), and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA). If you spot these on your labels, trade up to a true clean beauty brand. The full list is here and you can also look for healthy ingredients that are a part of clean beauty.

Where Can I Find Clean Beauty Products?
You’re in the right place with Botanic Glow! Our ingredients are plant-based and free of those awful harmful ingredients. You won’t find synthetic fragrances, parabens, petrochemicals, or all those other weird words no one knows how to pronounce and nothing is tested on animals, ever.

Skin health and skin beauty should go hand-in-hand which is why we’ve created this clean beauty line. With products designed for all your skin concerns, find the one that fits your beauty routine today and cut those chemical cocktails out of your beauty equation!

The Secrets to Great Looking Skin

The Secrets to Great Skin

Beautiful looking skin is captivating to the eye, and it works wonders for the self-confidence! Unfortunately, great looking skin can also be frustratingly elusive. There are a multitude of reasons for this, including poor diet, sleep deprivation, and exposure to environmental toxins. However, the major reason for dull, lifeless, or irritated skin is the overuse of chemical-based skin products.

Here are some excellent tips to help you optimize the health and beauty of your skin:

1. Go Natural!

If your skin doesn’t feel as smooth and supple as you’d like, examine your cosmetics cabinet. Even the most expensive skincare products are packed chock full of petrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic chemicals. Oust your chemical-based products, and replace them with Botanic Glow's natural skincare range. Our entire skincare collection is made from Mother Nature’s offerings – plants, natural oils, and herbs.

2. Revamp Your Beauty Regimen!

If today’s makeup includes yesterday’s residual foundation, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Botanic Glow’s natural facial cleansers, natural toners, and natural moisturizers heal, nourish, and protect the skin. You’ll love the way our natural skincare products smell and feel on your face – so much that you’ll never flop into bed without removing your eyeliner again!

3. Forget Skin Labels!

Whether you have oily, dry, or sensitive skin, chemical-based skincare products can cause a range of problems. If you accidently choose a product for oily skin when you have dry skin, you’ll have an acne eruption on your hands! In contrast, our natural skincare range is suitable for every type of skin. Mother Nature’s ingredients won’t redden, irritate, or strip the skin of nutrients. In fact, our products work to balance the skins natural pH. Problem solved!

4. Go Back to Basics!

If you think beautiful skin begins and ends with cosmetics, you need to makeover your thinking! Check out Botanic Glow’s range of natural body washes, natural lotions and creams, and natural deodorants. Use them in combination regularly, and enjoy happy, healthy skin from head-to-toe.

Our natural skincare range combines skin health with skin beauty. No synthetic chemical on Earth can rejuvenate and invigorate your skin like Mother Nature’s own gifts!

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