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Enjoy the soothing, calming and refreshing effects only an all natural face toner or all natural face mists can bring. Our all natural face toners and all natural face mist are free of alcohol and made with gentle healing ingredients to remove oil and dirt all while keeping your skin in balance. They are suited for all sign types, especially those with acne, oily, combination and sensitive skin types. Botanic Glow unique range of natural facial toner are light, fresh, and smell utterly delectable. Your skin will feel totally rejuvenated and energized after each use. Many popular toners are packed chock full of harsh, drying, stinging chemicals. These chemicals strip away the skin’s defense mechanisms and create a nutrient deficit. Conversely, our natural facial toners actually provide your skin with natural nutrients, while gently removing impurities. Whatever your skin type, you’ll find that Mother Nature has provided the perfect ingredients that are Infused with healing properties, to heal and restore even the most sensitive of skin types. If you're looking for a new way to tone your skin, you will find that our natural skin toners will provide more benefits than any chemical base toner ever will. Botanic Glow is your one-stop-shop for natural beauty prodicts that you can truly enjoy. Remember: fresh-faced natural beauty always wins hands-down!

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Green Tea Toner 4 oz

Our natural green tea toner works to remove impurities and prevent new blemishes.


Revitalizing Rose Water Toner 4 oz

Our natural rosewater face toner is created for those with normal to sensitive skin types but can be used by all skin types.


Lavender Face Mist 4 oz

Hydrate and refresh your skin with our gentle natural lavender face toner mist for all skin types.

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