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Organic Marula Oil Benefits for Skin: What Are They?

Marula Oil Benefits

As science takes a look at the ancient natural ingredients used once upon a time, new information sheds light upon their effectiveness. That’s the case with marula oil which hails from the marula fruit tree which is native to southern Africa. Once rare and sacred for fertility and happy marriage, it is now cultivated which means this spectacular skincare ingredient is more readily available.

But what has science found out about organic marula oil? This rich and lovely-smelling oil is ideal for skincare. There are a number of benefits that it can lend to skin, making it something you may want to seek out for your own beauty routine.

- Impeccable nourishment for skin
Organic marula oil treats skin to amino acids that include glutamic acid and L-arginine, each known for providing ample hydration and fighting the signs of aging. Oleic, palmitic, stearic, and myristic acids are a collection of emollient and moisturizing fatty acids, while antioxidants that include vitamins C and E are excellent for fighting free radicals and protecting from future damages caused by UV rays and pollution.

- Outstanding anti-aging properties
Another thing marula oil does quite well is replenish moisture to parched skin, common with aging skin types. It’s lightweight and absorbs quickly without feeling greasy, delivering those essential nutrients to where skin needs them most. As such, this helps smooth away lines and wrinkles, giving skin a softer quality while leaving it refreshed with hydration that lasts.

- Leaves skin looking clearer and healthier
Oil might seem like the last thing you should put on your skin when you have acne, however, the breakout cycle can only be busted when you address the root problems. Often when treating acne, the ingredients can be harsh and drying. This causes skin to flake and when it does, it gets lodged into pores along with excess sebum (the natural oil your skin produces to keep it supple), dirt, bacteria, and debris.

With organic marula oil, it’s a non-greasy oil with antimicrobial properties. This means it may help eradicate the bacteria that causes acne while also giving skin the hydration it needs to have healthy cell turnover for more beautiful and clear skin.

- Soothing and comforting feeling
Whether skin is irritated from breakouts or dryness (or both!) organic marula oil is a calming ingredient that leaves skin feeling better. While no evidence exists for how it fares with other skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, because it can soothe acne and dryness, it may be helpful in relieving skin irritation.

- Use it for added moisture
You don’t need to have visible signs of aging, acne, or irritation to get all the benefits of marula oil. Just choose organic, unrefined, and cold-pressed to make sure you’re getting the best there is. It leaves all skin types feeling super soft, plumped, and absolutely radiant.

Plus, with organic marula oil, you can simply use it as-is or add a little to your favorite cream to make it even better. This miracle ingredient from South Africa is a beauty secret every woman should steal for healthy, beautiful, and nourished skin.

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