Clear Results Acne Kit

-for Acne Prone & Oily Skin-

An excellent regimen designed to give acne-prone skin a fresh, all-natural and chemical-free start.

This 3-piece kit includes:

4.5 oz Anti-Acne Face Wash

4 oz Mineral Essence Toner

2 oz Scar Reducing Face Cream


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Botanic Glow’s Clear Results Acne Kit has everything you need to help control existing blemishes and prevent the development of new breakouts so your skin stays clear, naturally. If you struggle with oily or acne prone skin and are in need of a system that provides outstanding results without harmful chemicals, then this is the kit for you.

All three products in this Clear Results Acne Kit are designed to penetrate pores to heal and restore your skin. It starts with the Anti-Acne Face Wash that tackles acne at the source by removing acne causing bacteria while helping to fade dark spots. Plus, it cleanses your skin of dirt and impurities without leaving it feeling dried out.

Next up, the Mineral Essence Toner is infused with wheat protein and skin loving minerals that feed needed nutrients into your pores all while hydrating, calming and tighten your pores for a refined appearance. Finally, the Scar Reducing Face Cream goes to work to balance your skin’s natural oil production, fade dark spots and deeply hydrate without leaving an oily feel.

Benefits: • All-natural, cruelty-free, vegan ingredients • Specifically formulated to help control acne • Simple 3 step cleansing, toning, and moisturizing process • Leaves skin feeling clean without drying it out • Balances skin’s natural oil production • Helps fades dark spots and prevent breakouts

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Scar Reducing Face Cream 2 oz

Our natural scar face cream will fade scars naturally leaving your skin evenly toned. It goes to work to improve the texture, tone and softness of the skin

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• 100% pure, natural calcium-rich bentonite clay
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