Vitamin C Face Cream 2 oz

Fight the signs of aging with Botanic Glow's natural Vitamin C Face Cream.

• Natural, cruelty-free, and vegan
• Rich in free radical-fighting antioxidants
• Nourishes, repairs, and renews
• Fades dark spots and discolorations
• Reduces lines and wrinkles
• Boosts collagen and increases elasticity
• Leaves skin bright and radiant


Unrefined Organic Marula Oil 2 oz

Botanic Glow’s Unrefined Organic Marula Oil is a superior anti-aging oil from Africa that reduces fine lines and wrinkles as it highly moisturizes the skin.

• All-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan
• Hydrates, protects, and rejuvenates
• Contains 100% pure unrefined organic marula oil
• No added ingredients or preservatives
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Leaves skin soft, plumped, and moisturized
• Versatile usage day or night
• Quick absorption with no residue


Unrefined Organic Maracuja Oil 2 oz

Complexion perfection is what Botanic Glow's Organic Maracuja Oil provides.

• All-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan
• Contains 100% pure unrefined organic maracuja oil
• No added ingredients or preservatives
• Hydrates and brightens the skin
• Rich in vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids
• Balances sebum production
• Helps improve the appearance of dark spots
• Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
• Lightweight and fast-absorbing

$26.97 $20.97

Grade A Unrefined African Shea Butter

Botanic Glow Raw Unrefined African Shea Butter is made by hand in East Africa.

• All-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan
• 100% raw and unrefined African shea butter
• Smooth texture that absorbs quickly
• Great at fading dark spots
• Helps heal eczema.
• Can be used as a body moisturizer
• Helps to clear acne
• Safe for children and infants.
• Slight nutty scent vanishes after application

$13.97 $10.97

Botanic Glow’s natural facial moisturizers are designed to rejuvenate and repair the skin. Free from petrochemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and other noxious ingredients, our selection of natural facial moisturizers will completely optimize the health of your skin. Botanic Glow’s quality ingredients are carefully cultivated from all around the world. Just as Mother Nature intended, we create natural skin care products designed to nourish, balance, and protect every part of the body.

Botanic Glow’s natural facial moisturizers work best when used in combination with our natural facial cleansers, natural facial scrubs, and natural facial toners. The entire natural skin care line is perfectly suited to any skin type, and it won’t irritate or damage sensitive skin. Whether you have dry skin, normal skin, or oily skin, we have a moisturizer designed specifically for you.

Botanic Glow is dedicated to making natural skin care products affordable. If you want to fade old scars, control breakouts, reduce wrinkles, or quench dry skin, our all-natural face moisturizers will help give your skin what it needs without the high price tag. Better still, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that our natural facial moisturizers have not been tested on animals, and they are completely environmentally friendly.