Honey Almond Facial Scrub 2 oz

Botanic Glow's gentle, natural Honey Almond Facial Scrub will hydrate and soothe the skin leaving it SUPER baby soft.

• All-natural and cruelty-free formula
• Gently exfoliates and polishes skin to good health
• Dry formula - combine a small amount of the powder with water
• Moisturizes to keep skin from feeling dried out
• Leaves skin feeling baby-soft
• Promotes skin rejuvenation and the production of new skin cells

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Wish your skin could be as soft as a baby’s? It can be, with Botanic Glow’s Honey Almond Facial Scrub! This super-gentle and natural formula helps you exfoliate dead skin cells away that cause dullness to reveal your brightest, healthiest, and most glowing skin of all!

This dry mix natural honey scrub uses almond meal, oat bran, and rice bran powders along with kaolin clay to help all skin types exfoliate expertly. Along with grapefruit and lavender oils, it moisturizes skin to good health all at once so you feel cleansed and refreshed without feeling dried out or stripped. Plus, all that exfoliation helps skin cell turnover so you’ll have a renewed appearance that encourages healthy rejuvenation.

Made from all-natural and cruelty-free ingredients, all you’ll be left with is your softest skin of all. Just like newborn baby skin, you’ll have to resist the urge to touch it or else you’ll be adding oil, dirt, and debris from your fingertips back into your pores again. But at least you can correct that problem with Botanic Glow’s Honey Almond Facial Scrub for a soothing, polishing experience that brings the refreshment of the spa right into your own home.

Benefits: All-natural and cruelty-free formula. Gently exfoliates and polishes skin to good health. Dry formula - combine a small amount of powder with water. Moisturizes to keep skin from feeling dried out. Leaves skin feeling baby-soft. Promotes skin rejuvenation and the production of new skin cells.

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