Rose Facial Cleansing Oil 2 oz

A deep cleansing oil that unclogs pores rebalances, and restores the skin's health.

• All-natural, clean, cruelty-free, and vegan
• Contains only 5 simple ingredients:
• Ideal for balancing sebum oil
• Can be used on all skin types, including sensitive
• Especially beneficial for oily-acne prone skin

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Our gentle Rose Facial Cleansing Oil is crafted with a blend of all-natural oils that work together to clean, balance, and hydrate the skin. Apricot oil works to remove pore-clogging bacteria, while jojoba oil and squalane oil provide vital lipids, nutrients, and fatty acids.

When using our Rose Facial Cleansing Oil, you will dissolve facial oil clogged with bacteria, dead skin cells, dirt, and buildup. In return, your skin will be replenished with nourishing plant oils, leaving it fresh and vibrant without causing any dryness or irritation. This cleansing oil serves a dual purpose: it works on the principle that like dissolves like, which is one of the keys to maintaining healthy, happy skin.